Our projects

SE Penya Independent
SE Penya Independent Web Development

We develop a responsive and easy-to-navigate website. We have managed to enhance the online visibility of the Club, receiving more than 1,000 monthly visits.

Proyecto Top Vending 21
Top Vending 21 Web Development + SEO

A leading vending services company in the Balearic Islands without a website. With organic SEO, we managed to position the company in first place on Google.

Proyecto Pack to Ibiza
Pack to Ibiza Web Development and Design

The proposal was to improve the user experience with a simpler and more user-friendly website, and today it is one of the most in-demand agencies in the Balearic Islands.

360 Supplier Proyecto
360 Supplier Landing Page

We developed a multilingual website for this small business that keeps growing in the private sector. We have increased the website traffic by 30% in the first three months.

Proyecto Reesman
Reesman CRM + Web Development

We develop a CRM to manage properties, clients (both buyers and sellers), and email marketing. We also enhance the online visibility of the business.

Aurea Dicta Proyecto
Aurea Dicta Miquel Barceló Web Development + Advertising + SEO

A responsive website for one of the most sought-after contemporary artists in Spain, Miquel Barceló. We manage his entire online business with advertising campaigns.

Ibiza Estate of Mind Proyecto
Ibiza Estate of Mind Web Development

We developed an internal CRM to manage all the properties that this company handles, in addition to improving website conversion of potential clients by 45%.

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